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Visit the Vadakkunnathan greatest shiva temple in kerala

About Vadakkunnathan Temple

Vadakkunnathan ,or Vadakkumnathan Temple, in Thrissur is a standout amongst the most well known temples in Kerala. It is accepted to be the principal Shiva temple worked by Lord Parasurama who is the 6th manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Vadakkunnathan temple is anyway one of the UNESCO perceived legacy destinations. The temple is otherwise called Thenkailasam or Vrishabhachalam.In the focal point of the temple there is multi shrined complex, other than the four Gopurams.

Vadakkunnathan temple history

The divinity Adi Sankara is considered to have been destined to the couple Aryamba and Shivaguru after long periods of supplication to Vadakkunathan. He was conceived as a manifestation of Lord as Kalady.  Vadakkunnathan temple history it is said that Lord Shiva came in the fantasy of both the spouse wife approaching them for a decision for a child to be destined to them. He gave them a decision to pick among a child who will do normal throughout everyday life except will carry on with a more extended life or a child will’s identity phenomenally splendid however will have a shorter life. Vadakkunnathan temple is an unprecedented case of the traditional Kerala style of engineering including exceptional paintings of the seventeenth century reverberating the account of Mahabharata.

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Importance Vadakkumnathan Temple

According to the archeological discoveries,vadakkunnathan temple architecture is one of the most seasoned temples of Southern India and is the biggest temple of the Kerala which is devoted to revering Lord Shiva. Towards the Northern side of the temple a roundabout structure including the icon of the god is situated with the god looking towards the West. Vadakkunnathan temple architecture there is additionally the icon of Lord Shiva and Parvati which faces the East and is found directly behind the Shiva symbol in a similar holy place. In the Southern side there is the twofold storied Shri Rama’s hallowed place and it faces west. The temple’s loftiness is praised at such a huge scale for it including Vrishabha, Simhodara, Lord Krishna, Adi Sankaracharya and Dharmasastha.

How to reach Vadakkumnathan Temple

Vadakkunnathan  is arranged in the core of Thrissur town in Kerala. The temple is around 290 km from Trivandrum, the state capital. Vadakkunnatha Temple is 58 km from Ernakulam. The closest airplane terminal to Thrissur is Nedumbassery International Airport at Kochi, which is 55 km away.

Vadakkunnathan Temple, Temple, Travel, Tourism, Vadakkunnathan, Punya, Darshan, vadakkunnathan temple timing, vadakkunnathan temple history, vadakkunnathan architecture, Thrissur

Best time to visit Vadakkunnathantemple

Vadakkunnathan  is a prestigious place of worship and can be gone by consistently. you should visit in amid the yearly celebration festivity of Aanayoottu and Thrissur Pooram. These celebrations are commended with an awesome eagerness at Vadakkunnathan .

Vadakkunnathan temple timing

Vadakkunnathan temple timing morning:- 4:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Vadakkunnathan temple timing evening:-   5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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  1. Thrissur is a city in the south Indian state of Kerala. It’s known for sacred sites and colorful festivals. In the center is Vadakkumnathan Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and your explanation style is very unique and attractive for me. Thanks!!

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