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Visit Kudala Sangama Temple one of the famous centre of pilgrimage

About Kudala Sangama Temple

Kudala sangama Temple is eminent for the antiquated Shri Sangameshwara temple, which was worked in the twelfth century by the Chalukya rulers. Initially this place was known as Kappadi Sangama. Shri Sangameshwara temple is devoted to Basaveshwara, a famous instructor and writer, conceived in the second century. Kudalasangama was his place of birth and henceforth the Hindus trust that this as a critical site. The considerable austere was otherwise called Ishanaguru.  The place is a town concerning 19 kilometers (12 mi) from Hungund. kudalasangama three rivers close-by is the sacred explorer focus and the renowned temple of Sangameshvara, on the stream bank, at the juncture of the Krishna and the Malaprabha rivers. This blessed temple is devoted to Lord Achesvara.

Kudala Sangama Temple history

A parsimonious named Jathadeva had set up an instructive organization in the old circumstances. Basaveshwara, Channabasavanna and Akkanagamma were his supporters. The holy person Basaveshwara had spent his adolescence in Kudala sangama Temple and later on he turned into a parsimonious. His various principles were altogether committed to the primary divinity Sangamanatha. Kudala Sangama Temple history a Shiva Linga with a little stone stupa stands just before the temple. Amid the celebration of Mahashivratri, a large number of pioneers take a plunge at Kudalasangama before heading off to the Shiva Linga to look for gifts of Lord Shiva.

Kudala Sangama Temple

Importance of Shri Sangameshwara temple

The Kudala sangama Temple is loaded with excellent stone carvings. The name Sangameshwara originates from the way that this temple is arranged on the gathering purpose of two streams. kudalasangama three rivers is very famous river. This temple has many-sided carvings and is a devour to the eyes. Shri Sangameshwara temple has a navagriha or the principle temple and a patio. Creature figures and blossoms have been engraved on the entryways of Kudala sangama Temple. Inside the sanctum sanctorum you will discover the icons of Ganesh, Neelamma, Nandi and Basaveshwara. Every one of the four gods can be found in the navagriha or the primary temple.

Kudala Sangama Temple

How to reach

The closest rail head is situated at Bijapur. More finished you can achieve Kudalasangama by street from Bangalore and Bijapur.

Best time to visit 

Winters in Karnataka are constantly uncommon. This is where temperatures are neither excessively dry nor too cold. You can state this is the best season to visit Kudala sangama Temple in Karnataka. kudala sangama temple timings winters in the state begin amid the period of November and slowly unfurl during that time until February.

kudala sangama temple timings

5:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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