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Hampi Temple
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Visit Darshan Maa Jwala ji

Jwala ji temple is one of the oldest temples in India. The temple is situated in the volcano city in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The zone falls in the minor region of Himalaya Mountains. The temple is also famous as volcano temple.  The temple is faithful to Goddess Jwala. Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of India. There are nine different flames fiery continuously without any fuel input in the temple. Because of this reason, the temple is also famous as Mother Jwala. People from all above the world come to this temple to have a glimpse of these flames.


The sacred fire of Devi can be seen in nine different ways at Jwala ji temple. The flames can sometimes convert less or more. It is said that Navdurga is the creator of 14 bhuvanas whose servants are Satwa, Rajas and Tamas gunas. The flame fiery in the front of the door in the silver aisle is the form of Mahakali. This flame is brahma flame and is the bestower of Bhakti and Mukti. Rest of the flames is known as following.


According to mythology, Devi Sati gave her life by leaping in the fire of the havan organised by her father king Daksheshwara. When Lord Shiva was walking around the earth carrying the dead body of Devi Sati then Lord Vishnu distributed her body in 51 parts using His Sudharshan Chakra. Available of those 51 shares of Devi Sati, Her tongue fell at this residence and later then these flames are caring the sanctified part of Devi Sati.

It is said that King Bhimichandra in Satyuga thought that the speech of Devi Sati had fallen on Dhauladhar array of Himalaya Mountain but he could not catch out that residence subsequently so much of hardwork. After that he readies a temple of Devi Sati in Nagarkot in Kangra. After few years, some people conversant the King that they had seen a flame fiery on a mountain. King Bhumichandra reached that place and started deifying there. He also built a temple at that place. Two saints named Pt. Shridhar and Pt. Kamlapati were called to perform the puja at that place. It is said that the present priests of this temple are descendants of these two saints.

How to reach jwala Devi Temple

Place: 34-km South of Kangra, 480 km from Delhi,

Railway station: The adjoining narrowgauge railhead is Jawalaji road Ranital at a space of 20 km from the shrine. The adjoining broadgauge railhead is Pathankot at a space of 120kms. Chandigarh Rly Station is at a Distance of 200 kms.

Airport: The adjoining airport at Gaggal in HP is 50 km from Jwalaji. Chandigarh Airport is about 200 Kms Airport at Shimla is about 160 Kms. The distance from Kullu airport in HP is about 250 Kms.

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