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Visit Darshan Maa Dhari Devi


The Dhari Devi sanctuary is arranged on the banks of the Alaknanda waterway in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand. Dhari Devi hallowed place is one of 108 Shakti sthals in India, located close to Srinagar and Rudraprayag, one of the five prayag in India. Dhari Devi sanctuary is a Hindu sanctuary committed to Devi Kali Mata. Dhari Devi godess is considered as watchman god of Uttarakhand. The sanctuary is situated in Kalyasaur along the Srinagar – Badrinath Highway on the banks of the Alaknanda River in the Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand state, India.
Dhari Devi

Kalimath is one of 108 Shakti sthals in India. According to religious custom Kalimath is where Godess Kali slaughtered the evil presence Raktabija and after that the godess had gone under the earth. Countless visit the sanctuary consistently. Out of the numerous celebrations celebrated in Dhari Devi Temple, the imperative celebrations are Durga Puja and Navratra, when an uncommon Puja is sorted out in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is enlivened with excellent blossoms and light.

Famous for

Dhari Devi is a much-worshiped goddess of the locale. Nearby individuals trust that the stone cut divinity changes faces – from a young lady to a lady to an old woman – as the day advances. A legendary record says that once an extreme surge washed away a sanctuary and Dhari Devi’s object of worship was caught against a stone close to the town Dharo. Villagers heard the cry of the icon and an awesome voice guided them to introduce the symbol there. This is the clear explanation for the stricture not to expel the icon from its assigned spot. The place of worship is found 10 kms from Srinagar in locale Pauri (Uttarakhand).

An indication of Goddess Kali, Dhari Devi is loved as the defender of the Char Dhams. At the point when the icon of the divinity was expelled from her sanctuary then following couple of hours an exceptionally serious downpour occurred. According to the fans, the place needed to confront the Goddess’ anger as she was moved from her ‘mool sthan’ (unique homestead) clear a path for a 330 MW hydel venture. That task lies in ruins after the surge. A comparable endeavor in 1882 by a neighborhood lord had brought about an avalanche that has leveled Kedarnath.


According to the legend the upper piece of Goddess Kali is accepted here, while bring down part is in Kalimath and applauded as Goddess Kali. Local people likewise trusted that the appearance changes with time from a young lady, to a lady and after that to an old woman.

There is a legend about the name behind the Dhari devi sanctuary. Once the sanctuary was washed off by surges and the symbol of Goddess Kali struck against the stone. The towns of the Dharo town close-by heard the celestial voice of Goddess and afterward settled the symbol of Goddess Kali at this spot. After then this sanctuary is known as Dhari Devi sanctuary.

Legends likewise trusted that the Dhari Devi icon should not be put under any rooftop. So there is dependably an open sky above symbols in Dhari Devi Temple
How to visit

Nearest Airport: Jolly grant Airport is the closest one, at a distance of 136 kilometers.

Nearest Railway Station: Nearest railhead is Rishikesh, 124 kms.

Road: The temple is 15 kms. from Srinagar, 124 kms. from Rishikesh, 19 kms. Short of Rudraprayag, 44 kms. From Pauri & 165 kms. from Dehradun

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