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Hampi Temple
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Visit Bamleshwari Devi Mandir for Mental Peace

Bamleshwari Devi Mandir Temple:

Situated on the slope top, at a tallness of 1600ft high is the primary fascination of this place. Fans run at this place amid Navratri to get the favors of God. Another fascination is the Ropeway which prompts the sanctuary.

Jain Temple: Adding more an incentive to the religious place, an another Jain sanctuary has been built on Chandragiri slopes with the endowments of holy person Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaaj.

Bamleshwari Devi Mandir

About Bamleshwari Devi Mandir

About 2200 years prior, Dongargarh was a decently revoked region named Kamavati managed by Maharaja Kamsen likewise called Kamakhya Nagri. At the point when his Queen brought forth a child they named him Madansen. Since Raja Veersen thought of it as a gift of Lord Shiv and Parvati, he built the sanctuary of Bamleshwari Devi Mandir at Dongargarh. Presently Raja Madansen had a child named Kamsen in view of whom the region ended up plainly acclaimed and came to be known as Kamakhaya Nagari.

Legend has it that after the demise of Maadhavnal and Kaamkandala, Raja Vikramaditya felt remorseful as he imagined that he was in charge of Kaamkandala submitting suicide. He experienced profound anguish and began steady love, bringing about Maa Bagulamukhi Devi showing up before him. Raja Vikramaditya asked for the goddess to make both Maadhavnal and Kaamkandala alive again and furthermore requested that Maa Bagulamukhi Devi remain at the sanctuary. From that point forward it is trusted that Bamleshwari Devi Mandir is available here. As time go by the name got changed from Maa Bagulamukhi to Maa Bamlai to Bamleshwari Devi Mandir as it is known today.

Bamleshwari Devi Mandir is of awesome otherworldly significance and the general population of Chattisgarh considers Dongargarh as a TIRTH. Arranged at the pinnacle of the mountain at a tallness of 1000 ft is the fundamental sanctuary at Dongargarh. One needs to climb 1100 stairs to reach here. The enthusiasts don’t think that its hard achieving the sanctuary, right off the bat as a result of dedication and confidence towards Maa and also in view of the unadulterated and regular habitat of the place, which is encompassed by mountains and lakes. The sanctuary building is under remodel and will be tiled with marble all through with a ‘GUMBAD’ made with 1Kg. gold and marble giving an extremely excellent look.

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