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Visit Vaishno Mata Mandir

Are you arranging a visit to Vaishno Mata Mandir? Vaishno Mata Mandir is can be found in the condition of Jammu & Kashmir which is a holy host to Hindu Religion. It is a solid perception by the devotees of Mata that the holy travel to Vaishno Mata Mandir starts off following the “Call of Mata”. You might assess this to be an final result of beliefs but it is greater than a simple opinion and many pilgrims have gained personal experience regarding this “Call of Mata”. Devotees believe that when Mata telephone calls them, they are simply bound to go to Vaishno Mata Mandir, to get pampered with her love and blessings. On the other hand additionally it is assumed that you can’t take the Darshan if you don’t find the “Call of Mata”, regardless of your high cultural status.

Vaishno Mata Mandir

Vaishno Mata Mandir can be found in Trikuta hillsides of Himalaya in Jammu & Kashmir. The nearest town in the feet hills is Karta and is categorized as the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir State. The holy Vaishno Mata Mandir can be found approximate 10 kms from the Bus Stand / Railway Stop of Katra. Helicopter service is also available from Katra to Sanjhi, Chhat which is approximate 2 Kms a long way away from the temple. Please be aware that Helicopter service is offered only in the clear weather.

You may reach this place by air, coach, bus and car. The airport terminal is not close, though. Nearest International airport is Jammu, which is approximate 55 kms from Katra and Katra is the bottom camp point to start out journey.

Totally, it was a nice trip, rejuvenating body and mind.  You were fatigued after the long time of travel and walking but the sort of relaxation and satisfaction we experienced following this pilgrimage was remarkable.

You will find hundreds of budget hotels in Jammu and Katra. You will see hotels in every price ranges, beginning with budget hotels to expensive luxury accommodation. If you’re with limited funds, there are dharamshalas are also available.

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