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Hampi Temple
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Visit one the most famous Mandhipur balaji Temple in India

About Mandhipur Balaji

Mandhipur balaji temple is a conspicuous Hindu haven, mandir in Dausa region of Rajasthan, focused on the Hindu God Hanuman. The name Balaji is associated with Shri Hanuman in a couple of areas of India because the puberty kind of the Lord is especially celebrated there. The haven is committed to Balaji. Not in any manner like equivalent religious regions it is arranged in a town rather than the completely open. Its reputation for formal patching and removal of noxiousness spirits attracts various pioneers from Rajasthan and elsewhere. The old town Mehandipur is discovered near to the little slant. Old town isn’t particularly made.  The haven of Balaji Maharaj worked in Mandhipur balaji temple is incredibly acclaimed especially in northern bit of India. The foremost Mahant of the haven was Shri Ganeshpuriji Maharaj and the present Mahant of the asylum Shri Kishorpuriji is extraordinarily strict to take after veggie darling and examining favored books.

Mandhipur balaji

History of Mandhipur balaji

According to legend, the present-day sorts of the “Great Trinity” found in the Mandhipur balaji temple appeared around one thousand years in a valley amidst the inclines of the Aravali Range.He had also heard a wonderful voice asking for him to get up and be set up for Sri Balaji Hanuman’s commitment. He was not capable see any one at first however following a long time of “Sadhna”, Lord Sri Balaji finally showed up and exhibited to him the place in the forest where the asylum and the three Divine Forms were found.

Mandhipur balaji

Importance of Mandhipur balaji

The person who is encountering detestable spirits get mitigation from inconvenience by the systems like Arji, Sawamani and Darkhast. Bhog of Boondi ke Laddu offering to Shri Balaji Maharaj, Rice and Urad pulse to Bhairav Baba. Saturday and Tuesday are the busiest days in the haven in light of the fact that both these days are the seasons of Hanumanji. The Prasad from Mandhipur Balaji temple is passed on in near to schools, colleges, and lodgings and various other open places free of cost.

Mandhipur balaji

How to reach temple and timing

Agra, Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur and Dausa are well connected with train route from where bus service is available for Mandhipur Balaji temple.

All days of the week

6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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