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Hampi Temple
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Jai maa mansa Devi

Jai Maa Mansa Devi is a standout amongst the most mainstream and most famous went to temples of Haridwar, Uttaranchal. The temple is loyal to Mansa Devi, a type of Shakti. Situated at the highest point of Bilwa Parvat, Mansa Devi temple Haridwar can be come to by taking neighborhood transports, rickshaws or by employing from Haridwar. With a specific end goal to achieve the slope top, one can either go for trekking or for link auto.

Jai Maa Mansa Devi is also known as the snake Goddess who is worshipped mainly in Haridwar. It is thought that Goddess Mansa is the one who controls all the snakes on Earth and a snake bite can be cured by pray her. People also pray Goddess Mansa for fertility and prosperity.

jai maa mansa devi

According to the legends Goddess Manasa is the daughter of Lord Shiva. However a few sacred texts propose that she was the little girl of Sage Kashyapa and is remotely identified with Shiva. She is the sister of Vasuki and spouse to Sage Jaratkaru. Because of the mix-up in her parentage, Goddess Manasa has been denied the area which different divinities appreciate. Subsequently, she is a much enraged Goddess for the individuals who decline to love her while exceptionally kind to the individuals who love her with dedication.

Blended Parentage According to sacred writings the parentage of Manasa Devi is under perplexity. A few legends advised that she was destined to Sage Kashyap and Kadru who was the sister of serpent-ruler Sesha. While some different sacred texts propose that Manasa was Lord Shiva’s little girl. Consequently her name is ‘Manasa’ which means conceived out of psyche.

Jai Maa Mansa Devi is the presiding deity of the snakes. Manasa was the one who saved Lord Shiva from the deadly poison. She is very kind and loving towards her devotees and is equally destructive to those who refuse to worship her. Jai Maa Mansa Devi temple is one of the famous temples in India.

The Goddess Manasa is depicted as a graceful Goddess adorned with the ornaments which are actually snakes. She sits on a lotus under a hooded canopy of the seven cobras. She is often portrayed as a ‘one-eyed Goddess’ or sometimes with her son Astika on Her lap. Jai Maa Mansa Devi temple is very famous in India.

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