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Hampi Temple
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History of Pattabhirama Temple Hampi

About Information of Pattabhirama Temple Hampi

Pattabhirama Temple is a lovely structure that stands in the demolished city of Hampi. It is situated at Kamalapur at a separation of 6 km from the fundamental legacy site of Hampi. Pattabhirama Temple is known for its mind-blowing design. It is committed to the Hindu god, Lord Rama. It was a conspicuous goal for enthusiasts amid the time of the Vijayanagara Empire. Indeed, even today it is a prevalent journey focus and stands as an indication of the rich chronicled time.

History of Pattabhirama Temple

The Pattabhirama Temple is arranged in the focal point of an immense rectangular walled complex. The principal sanctuary structure has pivotal mantapas. There is a pillared walkway that keeps running along the internal side of the nook divider encompassing the yard. There are four towers on four sides of the Pattabhirama Temple complex that were worked as entryways of the sanctuary.  The fundamental mantapa is a wonderful structure that has columns with multifaceted plans.

The entire Pattabhirama Temple Hampi shows mind-blowing design. The Vijayanagara style of craftsmanship is effortlessly obvious in the dividers and mainstays of the sanctuary. There is another little place of worship situated inside the compound. This place of worship was devoted to the love of a goddess. A gigantic corridor remains towards the southeast piece of the complex. The yard was once totally secured with stone sections, some of which are missing at this point.

Pattabhirama Temple


Pattabhirama Temple is really one of the biggest and most excellent sanctuaries in Hampi. The sanctuary that once used to be loaded with aficionados wears a forsook look today. Truth is told there is no symbol inside the sanctuary complex now .The Pattabhirama Temple Hampi of its magnificence and fascination according to the guests. The peaceful climate of the place and the stunning engineering leave guests entranced.

Pattabhirama Temple

How to reach and temple 

The closest railroad station is situated at Hospet. Guests can achieve Hampi from Hospet by going for 12 km by street. There are visit transports that employ amongst Hospet and Hampi.Hampi is all around associated with the street arrange. There are a few modes of transport that interface Hampi to the adjacent towns and urban communities. Private autos and vehicles are accessible from Bangalore and Mysore to achieve Hampi.

Pattabhirama Temple Hampi Timing

All days of the week

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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