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History of Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore

About Mangaladevi Temple Mangaloreceb

The Mangaladevi Temple is arranged pretty much 3km from southwest of Mangalore downtown area. Located in the South Indian State of Karnataka, Mangaladevi Temple is a Hindu temple in the city of Mangalore. The temple is at Bolara which is around three kilometers from the City Center. The temple is devoted to the god Shakti who is as Mangaladevi. This is the place the name of the city, Mangalore, originates from. Mangaladevi Mangalore has high hugeness among local people and was worked in the ninth century.

Mangaladevi Temple

History of Mangaladevi Temple

The historical backdrop of Mangaladevi Temple goes back to the tenth century when two sages came to visit Mangalore from Nepal. The sages were named Machhendranatha and Gorakanatha. Catching wind of the entry of the two sages, the decision ruler came to meet them. He offered all assistance and support and offered his regards to them.  Charmed by the lowliness of the King, the sages approached him for a land parcel to construct a temple. The sages at that point took the King to every one of the spots which had verifiable significance and requesting that he burrow the place and manufacture Mangaladevi Mangalore Temple.The King did as he was solicited to and a stupendous sanctuary from the goddess remained at the sacred place.


Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore has a design which mirrors the style of Kerala and has the greater part of the structure produced using wood. The Hindu god, Mangaladevi Mangalore is in a situated stance inside the temple. A rectangular divider around the temple encases every one of the places of worship situated inside the temple limit.

Mangaladevi Temple

How to Reach

Mangaladevi Temple is arranged 3 km north of Mangalore Railway Station. You can go to this astounding temple by employing a taxicab or you can go by open transportations, for example, private cabs, auto rickshaws, transports or auto rentals. In spite of the fact that going by taxi is the best alternative.

Best time to visit 

The best time to visit Mangalore is from December to February. Mangalore encounters three seasons – summer, rainstorm and winter. The port city, a piece of the south Indian province of Karnataka, got its named from the Hindu Goddess, Mangaladevi.

Mangaladevi Temple Timing

6:00 AM – 1:00 PM

4:00 PM – 8:30 PM

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