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History of kurmanathaswamy temple srikurmam

About Kurmanathaswamy Temple srikurmam

Kurmanathaswamy Temple srikurmam (otherwise called Srikurmam Temple) is a Hindu temple in the Gara mandal of the Srikakulam area in the South Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. It is committed to the Kurma symbol of the Hindu god Vishnu. Who is loved as Kurmanathaswamy, and his partner Lakshmi, loved as Kurmanayaki. As per Hindu legend, the managing god is accepted to have showed here as a tortoise-molded symbol upon the desires of Swetha Chakravarthi. Brahma at that point sanctified the symbol with Gopala Yantra. Kurmanathaswamy Temple  srikurmam is renowned for predecessor revere.

History of kurmanathaswamy temple srikurmam

According to History of kurmanathaswamy temple srikurmam is the main temple in Andhra Pradesn. Lord Mahavishnu showed himself in various incarnations to secure Dharma, temperate individuals and to rebuff the underhanded. The engravings in the Kurmanathaswamy Temple reveal the way that this temple was worked by Anantha Varma Choaganga Raju of the Ganga tradition amid 1281 A.D. strikingly, the aesthetic excellence of this temple lies in the divinity statues, canvases and carvings which are grand and cut deliberately to speak to the master in the symbol.

Kurmanathaswamy Temple

Importance of Srikurmam Temple

The exceptional component of this Kurmanathaswamy Temple is the Dhwajastambhams known as banner poles in the front and rear of the temple. Fundamentally, the principle motivation to have this is the divinity appearances to the back of the temple on the west side. It is accepted and watched that this exhibits a route to the travelers to go into the “Garbha Gudi”.  The internal chamber which isn’t found in any of the old temples. The moolasthanams here are thought to be colossal saligrama.

Kurmanathaswamy Temple

How to reach Srikurmam Temple

Kurmanathaswamy Temple at a separation of around 20 Kms from the town of Srikakulam, towards east. You can reach here by street, rail or air. The closest air terminal is at Visakhapatnam, which is 106 km far from where you need to drive or take a taxi which takes around 2 1/2 hour to reach.

Best time to visit Srikurmam Temple 

Winters are however are somewhat chilly with extremely wonderful night and night with a delicate breeze. Amid storm, the city gets overwhelming precipitation. In this manner, the winter season is prescribed as the perfect time to visit the town.

Srikurmam Temple timing

Morning: – 6:00AM- 12:30 PM

Evening: – 5:30 PM- 8:30PM

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