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Hampi Temple
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History of Gangotri Temple

About Gangotri Temple

Gangotri Temple is one of the four Char Dham Sites of Uttarakhand. Additionally named as a dwelling place Goddess Ganga, one would feel associated with god in the high rise of Gangotri. The presence of the snow clad mountains and the supernatural water of the waterway Ganges add to the immaculateness of the goal. Gangotri Temple is among the most critical holy places in India. Situated at a tallness of 11,204 ft above ocean level in the beguiling province of Uttarakhand. Gangotri Temple is run by a huge number of pioneers from each niche and corner of the world.
Gangotri Temple

History Gangotri Temple

History of the devout goal Gangotri Temple can be followed by the Hindu legends. As indicated by it, King Sagar’s grandson Anshuman stayed unsuccessful to expedite Ganga earth and same was with his child Dilip. Nonetheless, King Anshuman’s grandson Bhagirath was exceptionally fearless for this errand and thought about Gangotri Temple. After various years of reflection, Ganga descended from the heaven, however, stayed in anticipation in the curls of Lord Shiva’s hair. Resolved to bring Ganga, King Bhagirath began reflection to win Lord Shiva. Being satisfied with it, Lord Shiva discharged the Ganga as three streams. One of these streams went ahead of the earth as Bhagirathi. The flood of River Ganga fiery remains grasped the cinders of 60,000 children of King Sagar and they all rose to their endless rest.
Gangotri Temple

Importance of Gangotri Temple

One of the unmistakable sanctuaries in Gangotri. Gangotri Temple is committed to Goddess Ganga and is situated close to the consecrated stone known as Bhagirath Shila. Where it is said that the ruler Bhagirath paid his tribute to Lord Shiva. The lavish green condition and the serenades of ‘Mantras and Slokas’ give an extremely tranquil inclination and transport you to a different universe.
Gangotri Temple

How to reach and Temple Timing

By Air: The nearest airport to Gangotri is Jolly Grant Dehradun. It is around 24 km from Dehradun and 226 km from Gangotri. The visitors can hire the private cars, taxis or take the road transport buses from the airport to reach Gangotri Temple through Rishikesh.
By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach this sacred site is Rishikesh/Haridwar, about 249kms away. The station has an excellent connectivity with the Dehradun and Delhi.
Morning- 06:15 am to 2 pm
Evening- 03:00 pm to 9:30 pm

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