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Hampi Temple
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History of Buddthist Sanchi Stupa

About sanchi stupa history

The gigantic Sanchi Stupa is a famous in the most censorial Buddhist land label reflecting pearl of Buddhist craftsmanship and building. Set in Town, Madhya Pradesh, India, Stupa is the most prepared stone creation in India that was worked in the midst of the Mauryan period. An average instance of a Stupa and a whimsical framework of the headway of Buddhist workmanship and figure starting from the third century BC through the twelfth century AD. The Sanchi Stupa attracts a few visitors from over the world. Enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is considered as a genuine piece of the best apportioned old Stupas of central India.

how old is sanchi stupa

The principal early reference to Sanchi Stupa comes in stories of Sri Lanka, Mahavamsa, and Dipavamsa. These records suggest that Ashoka (273-236 BC), married to Devi which was the young lady of a Vidisha based broker. It was the time when he was not the extensive Mauryan sovereign and was in charge of Ujjayani (current Ujjain). In Sanchi Stupa history, in the midst of old conditions, Sanchi was known by various names like Kakanava, Kakanaya, Kakanadabota, and Bota-Sriparvata. It was unmistakably known for an awesome case of Buddhist craftsmanship and building since early Mauryan period. Here real work of development work was done between third century BC to twelfth century AD. It was Ashoka who established the framework of awesome religious foundation. He raised the Great (Stupa 1) of Sanchi after redistribution of Lord Buddha’s mortal stays for raising several stupas, wherever all through India to spread Buddhism.

Sanchi Stupa

sanchi stupa facts

This enrapturing and world understood Stupa and diverse structures in Sanchi Stupa portraying wonder of Buddhist craftsmanship and model draw in light.  Thousands of visitors around the year including national and outside voyagers, archeologists and understudies of history among others.

How to reach and temple timing

By:-  Air or rail to Bhopal which is all around associated with numerous different urban communities of India and afterward from street to Sanchi Stupa by transport, taxicabs and private autos gave by various visit administrators. Sanchi Stupa can likewise become to by street from Vidisha (10 km) and Indore (232 km).

All days of the week

7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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