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Get the best experience with Ambaji Temple Ropeway

About Ambaji temple ropeway

Ambaji Temple Gujarat is one of the well-known Shakti Peeth of India and has achieved cult status as an important religious destination of India. The heavenly magnificence of Maa Amba draws thousands of devotees who group here from all corners of the country. Ambaji is said to comprise a body part of Goddess Sati after her body devastated into pieces following the Tandav dance of Shiva. For flocks of Shakti (female power), worshippers of Tantric Vidya and for devout Hindus; the temple of Ambaji has a special significance. Ambaji temple ropeway is extremely beautiful with its combination of pristine marble and gold plating.

Ambaji Temple Ropeway

Ambaji Temple Timings- Why is it Important to Know?

Ambaji temple Gujarat is a famous temple and thousands of devotee’s group to see it every week. Due to its good situation and nearness from major commercial and tourist destinations like Palampur, Mount Abu, Ahmedabad and Kaliyadra travelling to the Ambaji temple is not a problem.

Darshan, Aarti

The temple opens for Darshan of Amba Maa Yantra every morning and remains open for a few hours. However, the particular timings depend on any specific Annakoot day allowing to the holy calendar. Every day at 6.00 A.M morning Aarti is carried on at the temple.

Ambaji Temple Ropeway

The Ambaji temple ropeway system offer a comfortable ride to the famous temple of Goddess Durga located in Gujarat. Cable cars ride among Giri Taleti and temple of Ambaji. Punyadarshan is one of the best places for your good trip. Now we give you all information for Ambaji temple ropeway trip from Gabber Hill passes through many beautiful sightseeing places and offers splendid aerial views.

Ambaji Temple Ropeway

Punyadarshan give information to your trip for Ambaji temple ropeway path on Gabbar Hill has in truth energized an ever increasing number of travelers and explorers, particularly the matured and infirmed and senior natives individuals from all edges of the world to come and sit in Ambaji Temple Ropeway keeping in mind the end goal to swing in the arms of the Beauty of Holy Gabbar Hill and its rough environment. Of Calcutta on a rent premise, so an ever increasing number of pioneers can visit and appreciate the excellence and sacredness of Gabbar effortlessly and bliss, just by coming to in time, with no inconvenience.

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