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Hampi Temple
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Get the information of Lotus Temple timings, opening time and entry timings

About The Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is a standout amongst the most pleasant sanctuaries in India. Lotus Temple stands seventh in the worldwide chain of Bahai House of Worship. Lotus Bahai Temple is considered as the Mother Temple of the Indian Continent. The mind-blowing design of Lotus Temple has been licensed with a few building grants. Fariborz Sahba is perceived as the modeler of this wonderful structure, who is an Iranian.

Lotus Temple

The development of Lotus Temple took around 6 years, till it was opened for general society in 1986. The structure of this sanctuary is gotten from the Lotus, the national bloom of India. The Lotus has been a huge piece of the Hindu religion as well. A look at Lotus gives the possibility of peace and quietness.

Lotus Temple is molded as a half opened Lotus Flower and the principle structure circled by nine lakes. There are nine entryways that prompt the focal lobby. Actually, number nine is viewed as consecrated in Bahai confidence, which delineates all the real nine religions of the World. The focal lobby recommends that every one of the nine religions is committed to the sole God, the god-like. This focal lobby can oversee 2500 individuals at any given moment. Because of its wonderful structure, Lotus Temple is otherwise called the ‘Taj of Modern India’.

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple complex has rich green gardens that leave a relieving sway on the onlooker. This sanctuary pulls in individuals from all religions, positions, and beliefs to its grounds Lotus Temple is a standout amongst the most went to locales of the World. Voyagers from abroad, come exceptionally to visit this grand lotus formed sanctuary that leaves the passerby in sheer awe.

Lotus Temple
How to reach and temple timing

Air: – Delhi is the main gateway city for northern India with a modern airport. All major international airlines in the world fly through Delhi.

Rail: – Delhi is the hub of the Indian Railways network with Express trains to all parts of the country. The city has two major railway stations in New Delhi and Old Delhi. New Delhi station is within walking distance of Connaught Place and Main Delhi station is about 7km from Connaught Place.

Summer: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Winter: 9:00am to 5:30pm

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