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About Shankaracharya Temple

Shankaracharya Temple is an old sanctuary that discovers its birthplace in the fourth century. Situated on Gopadari Hill in Srinagar, Shankaracharya Temple lies at a tallness of 1100 feet above the surface level of the city. Shankaracharya Temple of Kashmir, India is devoted to Lord Shiva and is believed to be the most established altar in the Kashmir valley. The sanctuary, the way things are today, has experienced numerous repairs for the duration of its life.


In 371 BC, the Shankaracharya Temple is said to have been worked by Raja Gopadatya. Around then, the sanctuary was named as ‘Gopadari’, after the name of the King. It is trusted that Shankracharya, the considerable savant, lived here amid his excursion to Kashmir. The legend left the place hundreds of years prior, from that point forward, the sanctuary came to be known as Shankaracharya . The primary work of redesign is considered to have occurred amid the rule of Lalitaditya. The stone advances that prompt the fundamental hallowed place, are known to be worked by Maharaja Gulab Singh. In 1925, the office of power was made conceivable at Shankaracharya Temple.

Shankaracharya Temple


Shankaracharya Temple is of awesome significance, not just from the perspective of religion, yet in addition from the compositional perspective. The sidewalls of the means once bore some significant engravings. There is additionally a Persian engraving inside the sanctuary, going back to Emperor Shahjahan’s run the show. The fundamental surviving place of worship, comprising of around cell, gives a grand perspective of the valley beneath. The inward assembly of the Temple, subsequent to being repaired, is presently secured with a cutting-edge roof.

Shankaracharya Temple

How to reach and temple timing

There are 243 stairs to the sanctuary region and another 8-10 stairs into the Shankaracharya Temple lobby. Try not to be hindered by the quantity of stairs. Simply continue going gradual and you will reach over slope in 10-15 minutes. The passage to the slope is secured by Army. Despite the fact that the sanctuary opens till 8 PM, the last auto that can go up the slope is to 5 PM. So ensure you visit the sanctuary before 5 PM. Aside from the magnificence of Shivalinga.

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