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Hampi Temple
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Maa Chandika Devi Mantra Japa

Maa tears separately our thoughts that feed the ego, and thoughts that take us off of our pathway by Chandika Devi Mantra.

Mother Chandi is nirakara, which means “without form.” Chandika Devi Mantra represents the three qualities of Nature: preservation, creation and transformation.

chandika devi mandir

The Chandi Path is Chandika Devi Mantra. It is also called the Durga Saptashati and the Devi Mahatmyam. It defines how she shows in the lives of her devotees to bring them to the inside sanctuary of true peace and happiness.

The Chandi Path is one of the most definitive Chandika Devi Mantra of Heavenly Mother worship, and on every level it is a commentary on the evolution of consciousness.

Goddess Chandi

Benefits of Worship

When we think about the minutes in our lives when we were the most joyful, we understand that our sense of self was absent, and our musings were quieted. Think of the minutes when we viewed a wonderful nightfall, or held another conceived child in our arms, and think of the time in grand union with the Divine during contemplation. In those minutes our considerations and sense of self were truant.

The quest, then, is to be able to find that kind of happiness for continually longer periods in the absence of other thoughts.

In the Chandi Path, Divine Chandika Devi Mantra helps us to become free from the tyranny of thoughts. As per folklore the two devils named Shumbha and Nishumbha caught the paradise from Lord Indra. At that point Lord Indra asked for Goddess Parvati for help and after that Goddess Parvati incarnated as Chandika Devi. The devil Shumbha got pulled in towards the magnificence of the Goddess and wished to wed her however The Goddess dismissed his demand.

We learn how to surrender the ego, to cut through the selfishness of Self Conceit and Self Criticism, and to find balance between too much and too Little.

By daily chanting the verses of Chandika Devi Mantra, we offer to Mother all of our troubles, our afflictions, and all manner of our thoughts – even the ego itself. Then one by one she cuts them down, and purifies them with the vibrations of Chandika Devi Mantra until we become the One of Intuitive Vision.

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